9″ Ford Rear End & 1984-96 C4 Corvette IRS Rear Ends

New 9″ Ford Rear Housing with New Axles

 New 9″ Ford rear end housing, custom built to your specified hub width. Heavy duty style tapered style center, 1/4″ wall axle tubes (like factory Ford), new 28 or 31 spline axles, new big bearings installed, new stock length studs, and stainless steel breather vent.                PA-N9                  $1,375.00

    Specify the following:

          -Centered housing or Centered pinion

          -Old Ford (Big Ford) or New Ford (Torino) Flange

          -Hub width (wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface

          -Brake hub thickness of rear brakes being used, if not supplied with rear end

          -5 x 4.5” Ford/Chrysler or 5 x 4.75” Chevrolet/G.M. bolt pattern

                    -If 5 x 4.75” Chevrolet/G.M. bolt pattern, 7/16” x 20 or 10MM x 1.5MM

New Ford rear end

New Ford rear end, rear side


 9″ Ford Rear 3rd Members:

New 3rd member (stock style case), nodular support, 31 spline, all new internals, True Trac Posi traction , Motive Gear  gears, 1350 yoke and drive shaft  u-bolts.  Available in 3:50, 3:70, 3:89 &  4:11 gear ratios.                PA-NN-P              $1,645.00

3rd Member

3rd Member


 Rear Brakes for 9″ Ford Rear Ends

 The Right Stuff Single-piston, cast iron caliper with built-in parking brake, 10.5″ rotors, mounting brackets, hardware and pads. Minimum Wheel Size 14″.        PA-TRS              $395.00

    Specify the following:

          Ford/Chrysler 5 x 4.5″ and G.M. 5 x 4.75″ bolt pattern

          Old Ford (Big Ford) or New Ford (Torino) flange



9″ Ford Flange Dimesnions:

New Ford/Torino Flange Dimensions

Big/Old Ford Flange Dimensions


1984-96 C4 Corvette Rear Ends

 All 1984-96 C4 Corvette IRS rear ends are purchased from Corvette specialty salvage yards and are guaranteed straight. Wearable parts, such as u-joints, tie rod ends, bushings, hub carriers, calipers or rotors are not refurbished. We can refurbish these parts for you, at an additional cost.


Tech Info:

Both generations came in either a Dana 36 or Dana 44.

1984-96 Automatic transmission Corvettes have Dana 36 rear ends. Factory G.M. gear ratios range from 2:79 to 3:07.

1984-96 Manual transmission Corvettes had Dana 44’s. Factory G.M. gear ratios range from 2:79 to 3:43. These are harder to find, and more ring and pinion ratios are available, aftermarket.

 Our Corvette rear ends include Gear section, rear cover, toe-in adjuster, half shafts, hub carriers, carrier housings, trailing bars (dog bones), camber bars, rotors & calipers. *Note Used Parts.

Typical C4 rear end


1984-87 C4 Tech Data:

          Clears most 15” Aluminum wheels

          Parking brakes inside of the rotor

          62.5” Hub width at the pinnacle of it arc

          Available Gear:

                 Dana 36, 3:07

                 Dana 44, 3:43

          1984-87, Dana 36 rear end            PA-VR-84-36       $1,080

          1984-87, Dana 44 rear end            PA-VR-84-44       $2,885


1988-96 C4 Tech Data:

          Clears most 16” Aluminum wheels

          Parking brakes built into the caliper

          63.5” Hub width at the pinnacle of it arc

          Available Gear Ratio: 

                 Dana 36, 3:07

                 Dana 44, 3:43

          1988-96, Dana 36 rear end            PA-VR-96-36       $850

          1988-96, Dana 44 rear end            PA-VR-96-44       $2,645

Rear Suspension rebuild kit, includes new u- joints, outer tie rods, urethane trailing bar bushings

          Kit                                   PA-VRS-RB          $335.00

          Kit & Installation               PA-VRS-RBI         $675.000


  SSBC TriPower 3-piston 38mm, Aluminum caliper with built-in parking brake, 14″ plated/slotted/cross drilled rotors, mounting brackets, hardware and high performance pads. Minimum Wheel Size 20″. Available for 1988-96 Only. Please note, these brakes can take 3-4 weeks on powdercoated calipers and 6-8 weeks on polished calipers.

Kit with Powdercoated calipers, Red or Black        A113-13-R or B             $1,669

Kit with Polished calipers               A113-13P             $1,705

C4 Rear TriPower, includes cross drilled rotors