Leaf Spring Rear Suspension

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 Our Custom Leaf spring kits are simple to install and the most economical rear suspension for Street Rods and Classic Trucks, with up to 300 H.P. These are designed to lower the vehicle by 2”-3”.

We also custom build for non-stock frames or most vehicles not listed. Inquire for details. Vehicles must have trim-able inner fender panels for upper control arm clearance. Proudly manufactured at our shop in Baltimore Ohio.


All Pro-Slip Leaf Spring kits include:

          (2) Custom reversed eye springs with slider buttons

          (2) Front spring mounts with hardware

          (4) Rear shackles with hardware

          (2) Frame tubes & urethane bushings for shackles

          (2) Lower retainer plates with hardware

          (2) Axle pads with U-bolts for 3” diameter axle tube

          (2) Gas shocks

          (1) Upper shock crossmember

Leaf Spring kit shown


Optional parts listed at the bottom of this page


PS-CTE on Chuck the Truck


Chevrolet/G.M. Cars & Trucks

          1928-32 car/1931-33 truck                      PS-CA     $675

          1933 Master & Standard car                    PS-CA     $675

          1934 Master car                                     PS -CC     $675

          1934-35 Standard car                             PS -CD     $675

          1935 Master car/1936 Standard car         PS -CE     $675

          1936 Master car                                     PS -CF      $675

          1937-39 car                                           PS -CG     $675


          1934-36 Truck                                        PS –CTB      $675

          1937-40 Truck                                        PS -CTC      $675

          1941-46 Truck                                        PS -CTD      $675

          1947-53 Truck                                        PS -CTE      $675

          1954-55 (1st Ser.) Truck                          PS -CTEE     $675

1940-48 Chevy PS-CI

Ford Cars & Trucks

          1933-34 car/1933 (2nd Ser.)-34 Truck      PS -FC      $675

          1935-40 car/1935-41 Truck                     PS -FD      $675

          1941-48 car                                           PS -FE      $675

          1942-47 Truck                                        PS -FTE     $675

          1948-52 Truck                                        PS -FTF     $675

          1953-56 Truck                                        PS -FTG     $675

1953-56 Ford truck PS-FTG kit


Mopar Cars & Trucks

*Note, Specify Wheelbase

          *1933 Plymouth (108”/112” WB) car/1933-35 (1st Ser.) Dodge Truck       PS -PA     $675

          *1934 Plymouth (specify 108”/114” WB) car                              PS -PB     $675


 Optional Parts

Partial Rear Boxing Plates, 20″ ahead of Centerline to 6” behind                  RS-BP          $110


Rear Sway Bar kit (All but 1942-56 Ford truck & 1955-59 Chevy)                 PA-RSB-1     $285


Upgrade to Ride Tech Shockwaves, in place of Standard gas shock

                RQ Shockwaves for load capacity                             PS-SKW-RQ       add  $800


Anti-Torque bars, eliminates spring wrap. For motors over 300 H.P.

                Anti-Torque bar set                                      PS-ATB                 add  $200