Custom Hot Rod Car Frames & Chassis


 For 48 years, Progressive Automotive’s long-standing experience and commitment to producing high-quality frames, chassis, suspensions, and installation kits make us the best choice for you project vehicle.

 We specialize in working on vehicles with full frames and offer a range of options. We have over 30 specific makes and models of frames or rolling chassis available. From Ford to Chevrolet, Plymouth to Dodge trucks, Willys and Studebaker truck, we can custom build to each customers preferences.

 If you need one of our products tailored to your needs, we recommended contacting us for more information about your project.

  Progressive Automotive has a knowledgeable, dedicated staff and fabrication crew.  We are enthusiasts ourselves  and understanding of the requirements need for outstanding performance and styling.

 We, at Progressive Automotive, take pride in manufacturing our products in our shop in Baltimore, Ohio, U.S.A. emphasizing our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Are you looking for a new frame or chassis for your Hot Rod, Street Rod or Truck? 

 All our frames, suspensions, and chassis are built to order, based on your requirements. This level of customization ensures that you get exactly what you want.

 Whether you’re looking for an ultra-low ride height, a stock height stance with modern comfort, superior handling, or a smooth ride, Progressive Automotive’s craftsmen are dedicated to building frames and chassis that align with those requirements. Our personalized approach ensures that you can enjoy your custom hot rod with what you desire.

1934-35 Chevy Standard Chassis 1936 Chevy Standard Chassis

1933 Plymouth Chassis 1942-47 Ford Truck Chassis

1941-48 Ford Chassis

Do you have a good frame and are a D-Y-I kind of person?

 If you already have a good frame and prefer to take a do-it-yourself approach to your project, Progressive Automotive offers installation kits, too. Our installation kits are designed to provide everything you need to complete your chassis. They are specifically designed to be easy to install, allowing you to save time and effort while ensuring proper fitment.

Assembled Custom Front Driver Side Suspension with Blue Brakes Custom 1949-54 Chevy Chassis Progressive Automotive Custom VFS & VRS for 1964 Ford truck

Custom Hot Rod Suspension by Progressive Automotive Progressive Automotive 1932 Chevy Chassis with Triangulated 4-bar 1935M_1936S 01

Need an Installation kit for a vehicle not listed?  

 Progressive Automotive offers the option to custom build suspension kits. This allows you to get the specific components you need, even if they are not listed as a standard production kit for your vehicle model.

 Additionally, Progressive Automotive offers in-house upgrades for original frames. If you have an good, existing frame, we have options available to help you achieve that. You can find examples of these upgrades at the bottom of their About Our Frames section.

 1948 Plymouth Chassis   1948 Cadillac Chassis

 Progressive Automotive starting in 1976 with the introduction of their independent front suspension kits for hot rods and trucks. We have continued to innovate and develop new items over the years, to provide modern performance and style.

 Progressive Automotive received recognition in the form of The NSRA Industry Appreciation Award in 1984. Their development of utilizing Corvette suspensions in their chassis and installation kits, starting with the 1984-96 C4 Corvette, and later incorporating the 1997-2005 C5 and 2006-13 C6 Corvette suspensions, demonstrates their commitment to staying at the forefront of their industry.

 Progressive Automotive’s longevity in the business is a testament to the quality products and customer service they provide. Our ability to keep customers coming back from all over the world speaks to our reputation and the satisfaction.

 For anyone interested in learning more about Progressive Automotive’s offerings, they can reach out via email or by calling the provided contact number.