On-Line Build

1938 Ford Business Coupe


 This nice coupe is being built by Mark K., the owner. This is being built in his home garage. The car had 100,000 original miles when it was put in storage 24 years ago. The previous owner last drove it to his prom in 1975. What a find!

  Mark has been a car enthusiast for decades. Mark’s past work experience includes model making/designer, painter, mold maker/designer, aerospace machinist and currently a aerospace engineering consultant. Mark plans on doing all of the work himself, including upholstery. With the help of Mark, we are going to attempt to show you a true “build” from start to finish, including mistakes made along the way.Hopefully, this will help you avoid some pitfalls.

 Since the car is in such good shape, Mark plans to do very little in modifications, such as shaved trim and hidden hinges. Suspension will be Progressive Automotive’s Sweet Ryde front suspension for 1989 C4 Corvette front and 1982 C3 Corvette rear suspension. Power will be supplied by an Tuned port Small Block LT1 Chevy and a 700R-4 transmission from the 1989 Corvette donor car. Mark is using Progressive Automotive’s Pro motor mounts , Boxing platesTubular X-member and Brake Pedal parts.

Parts Supplier Index

Step 1: Frame Boxing and X-member Installation

Step 2: C4 Corvette IFS Installation

Step 3: C3 Corvette Rear Suspension Installation

Step 4: Motor Set-up, Gas Tank, Drive shaft & related parts