Back a few years ago I had an accident with my 1938 Chevy coupe. The frame was badly bent so I went to Bob and his guys at Progressive Automotive to have a new one built. They did an outstanding job. I actually rolled up to their shop pulling a trailer with my Jag rear tires and all still attached to the old cross member. They had the new frame with the front end fully assembled ready to go. Bob’s guy’s got right to work positioning the jag rea on the new crossmember, building brackets for the pinion support’s, radius rods, sway bar and welding them to the frame. In about 3 hours I had a fully rolling chassis. If you are thinking about a new frame, Progressive Automotive is the place to go.

Bruce Harvie

Bruce's Chevrolet
Bruce’s Chevrolet


The best chassis I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been doing this for 50 years. Highest quality materials, finest craftsmanship I’ve ever seen. Paint work is perfection at its finest. There are no corners cut – period. I was blown away with the chassis I got under my sweet ’51 Chevy truck. Hot Rod Heaven highly recommends P/A chassis and frames.

Steve Groves


Customer service is top notch. Bob will.answer any question you have and even exchange parts if needed. My IFS front kit and 4 Bar rear kit with Shockwave has my truck slammed about 8″ off the ground at ride height and looks perfect.

Victor Rosales


everything they do is just awesome. i have c4 front suspension kit from these guys looks great cant untill i get the rear suspension

Ryan Hutchinson


looks like very nice quality work all the way through from start to finish

Jim Foley


This is a great shop with great people and excellent craftsmanship. Amazing

Terry Lamp

Terry's Truck
Terry’s Truck