Step 3: C3 Corvette Rear Suspension Installation

 To match the C4 Corvette front suspension, Mark used our C3 1980-82 Corvette installation kits. These kits have since been discontinued, due to more demand for the C4 1984-96 Corvette rear suspensions

 In order to properly set up the any of the Corvette rear ends, the stock spring needs to be removed and the half shafts leveled and straight. A 2 x 4 and some blocks were used in place of the spring Mark has emphasized that a plumb bob, level and degree finder are the additional tools needed for the easiest installation possible. The strut rods were switched for a pair of beefier poly-adjustable strut rods from Corvette Central. They were also Mark’s choice as a source for the rear end rebuild kits. To improve the appearance and provide durability, the half shafts and bracketry were coated by AirBorn Coatings. Note that Mark mounted a square tube to the frame rails to keep them from pulling during this installation. A scissors jack was use to hold the pinion at the correct angle during installation.

Using marks locating the rear axle centerline, which was done in Step 1, notches were cut in the boxing plates to allow the rear crossmember to slide into place. Keeping the pinion angle in mind, Mark tack welded the the rear crossmember in place.

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Next, Mark installed the trailing arm brackets and gussets into position and tack welded.

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The pinion tube was then trimmed to fit between the frame rails and installed with the pinion support. At this point Mark removed the square temporary tube connecting the frame rails.

Step 3 006


Mark chose to use Aldan shocks on the rear to match the front Aldan Coil-overs. Mark changed the lower mounts by swapping the driver’s side to the passengers side. This requires a new flat put on the mounts at 14 degrees inboard (rotated slightly down to the center of the car). A piece of tubing simulated the shock at ride height so that the top brackets could be positioned 14 degrees forward at the top.

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